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Professionals who are considering referring clients for assessment with Dr. Palm at SCCCA may benefit from the following information.

Those wishing to consult about the Collaborative/ Therapeutic Assessment (CTA) approach or discuss whether a client is a good fit are encouraged to contact Dr. Palm. More information about the CTA model, peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrating efficacy, and research documenting benefits to clients and improvements in the ongoing therapeutic relationship are available upon request. 

Dr. Palm has over 15 years of training, consultation, professional presentation, and clinical supervision experience, including:

Serving as the Psychological Assessment Supervisor (and later Director of Training) for the APA-accredited doctoral internship training program at The Guidance Center, a community mental health center in Long Beach, California;

Six years of assessment psychotherapy supervision with doctoral trainees in the public-school system (Gateways to Success Program, Alhambra United School District); 

Nearly ten years as the US Representative to the Istituto Italiano Wartegg, including the primary responsibility of training United States psychologists on the use of the Crisi Wartegg System;

Ongoing organizational training and consultation with community mental health centers, including WestCoast Children's Clinic (Oakland, California) and Alameda Family Services (Alameda, California); 

• Both in-person and virtual professional training, individual consultation, and consultation groups with licensed psychologists across the country (and internationally).

Frequent conference workshops and presentations at the national conventions of the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA), and the Therapeutic Assessment Institute (TAI).

Wartegg Drawing Completion Test

Dr. Palm is the United States Representative of the Istituto Italiano Wartegg, offers training and consultation in the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test (according to the Crisi Wartegg System) to assessment psychologists, and is considered the national expert on this personality measure.
To learn more about the Wartegg, including a list of upcoming training opportunities, please click here: 
Upcoming Crisi Wartegg System (CWS) Trainings
Referrals for Psychological Assessment 
Training and Consultation 
View​ our Fact Sheets for Referring Professionals by clicking on the link below:

        Fact Sheet for Referring Professionals
Dr. Palm is available for in-person or virtual training focused on practical implementation of psychological assessment, the Crisi Wartegg System, performance-based assessment, and other collaborative assessment-related matters. 

Additionally, Dr. Palm is available for clinical consultation related to specific client cases. 

Please contact Dr. Palm directly to arrange consultation or training.