Jacob Palm, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Collaborative Psychological Testing and Assessment

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Traditional Psychological Testing and Assessment:
Information Gathering

Fees for Traditional Psychological Assessment
Psychological assessment and testing is a comprehensive method of information gathering. Through interviews, observations, tests, questionnaires, and interactive play and art activities, information is gathered regarding your current functioning (or the current functioning of your child) as compared to others of the same age. The information we gather helps us to better understand you (or your child), plan appropriate treatment, make decisions regarding medication (in consultation with a qualified psychiatrist), and provide recommendations for you to try at home, school, or work. 

Psychological testing allows us to better understand thoughts and feelings. Assessment can further tell us some information about how your (or your child’s) brain is functioning, such as the limits of attention or memory. Assessment results can begin to explain behaviors, moods, and symptoms, clarify diagnoses, and determine current strengths and challenges, which allows for improved treatment planning and intervention.

Traditional psychological testing can be completed in one or two meetings, or spread out over several sessions.  The steps in traditional assessment may include the following:

Psychological Testing and Collaborative/ therapeutic Assessments vary in fee, depending upon the questions being answered, the number of tests administered, and the frequency of visits.  

All assessment and testing services are calculated prior to the onset of testing at a flat rate, inclusive of the following:
  • Initial Consulation/ Interview;
  • Psychological Testing sessions (Between 4 and 12 hours, depending on questions);
  • Comprehensive written report detailing results of assessment;
  • Feedback/ Summary and Discussion session with Dr. Palm during which results are reviewed and questions answered.

​Clients are provided with specific insurance-ready receipts/invoices at the conclusion of assessment, which may be submitted (by clients) to personal insurance companies for direct reimbursement. Generally, 50% of assessment fees are due at onset of testing, with balance due upon completion. Payment plans are available. For more information regarding estimated fees and hours based upon your personal needs, please contact Dr. Palm.

1) Initial Consultation/ Interview to determine the focus of the assessment and collect relevant information. This session generally takes 60-90 minutes and focuses on the reasons why assessment is being undertaken, current challenges and symptoms, and questions that are desired to be answered. At the conclusion of the initial session, standardized questionnaires are generally provided to be completed prior to the first testing session. (If a child or adolescent is being assessed, the parent or caregiver generally attends this initial session alone).

2) Psychological Testing: During testing sessions, standardized assessment measures are administered by Dr. Palm and completed by the client. These measures will vary depending on the questions being answered. Assessment sessions may last several hours, and may be spread over several sessions, depending on scheduling, fatigue, and complexity/scope of questions.

3) Feedback: Following completion of testing sessions, all measures adminsitered will be scored and interpreted by Dr. Palm, and a comprehensive, written report will be prepared. A face-to-face feedback session is provided, during which the results of the assessment are carefully reviewed. (If a child or adolescent is being assessed, he or she is invited to participate in the feedback session with his or her parent/caregiver).

Two copies of the comprehensive written report are provided at the conclusion of the assessment.